Class Guide


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. PASS use
    Don’t ask. Don’t abuse. 5 minutes max. 1 at a time.

  2. Late work
    This is a project based class, so no deduction for late or resubmitted work, within reason.

  3. Phone use
    Must be put away during discussion but may be checked occasionally thereafter if you have a C or higher. Abusers will have their phone taken until the end of the period.

  4. Switching seats
    Only if the instructor authorizes it. Remember, you may move and then realize your work was saved on your previous computer rather than the cloud.

  5. What did/will we do last/next class?

  6. May I play games or watch videos?
    Only if you are caught up and have a C or higher.

  7. May I keep my backpack near me?
    Keep under your chair and out of the aisle.

  8. I need to print:
    Email the teacher the file and specify the number of copies.

Class Requirements

  • Bring your own wired earphones (dollar store)

  • Adjust your browser setting to send all DOWNLOADS to the DESKTOP

  • Know how to locate the C:\C11 folder

  • Don't drag files out of folders but create a desktop shortcut instead

  • Wipe off you keyboard and mouse at the start of class


The CORRECT WAY to SUBMIT through Schoology

When submitting an assignment

  • Schoology Submit Video

  • Multiple files can be selected via the UPLOAD TAB and attached (holding shift)

  • Links can be added via the CREATE TAB

Finding those pesky missing and past due assignments.