Game Design 1

To be a valuable team member it is essential to be familiar with the various skills involved in a game project. You will likely prefer to be a writer, artist, designer, coder/dev or musician, but to have effective communication within your team requires an elementary knowledge and appreciation of all skill sets. So, you will be exposed to a variety of lessons designed to familiarize you with these various game project duties before choosing your BIG PROJECT.sjacobson (at)
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  • Classes are experiential and project based

  • Bonus and alternate lesson options galore!

  • Loads of explanations, tutorials and examples.

  • THE BEST STRATEGY is to turn in the work when it's due regardless of completion (a 60% is better than a zero) and then resubmit later for FULL CREDIT!
    -Mr S Jacobson

0. Class Guide
WHILE reviewing this >> CLASS GUIDE,
take the corresponding TEST in Schoology.
YES, it's an open note test intended to help you review the class guidelines that make things run smooth and frees me up to help you with the more important things. It's also a quick grade boost! If you don't get a 100% then you were distracted :)

The catch is, any flagrant violations during the semester will turn this GRADED TEST score to a ZERO and require you to do a RETAKE.

1. ARG [Week 1]

The ARG has ended... PICK ONE OF THESE to substitute.

2. Digital Citizenship

You were probably hoping to get right into game design/development but in order to meet graduation requirements, we have to review Digital Citizenship. But, we'll do it in a gameful way using SafeOnlineSurfing!

  • Complete ALL 7 areas and then provide the teacher a FULL SCREENSHOT of the checked off end map.

[WEEK 2, 3]

Create a full sprite collection (20+ frames: main character, enemies, environment -see examples ) for your upcoming game using
Piskelapp or Pixelorama (Download ZIP - EXPORT/SAVE AS ANIMATION) or Inkscape (installed)
Tutorial Series

Web Comic
Using or GIMP or (6 frames minimum)
You can host on or

Using Wickeditor or Pencil2D (1 minute complex animation)
EXAMPLES!!! Tutorials 1 Tutorials 2 Tutorials 3

Card Game
Using Inkscape, GIMP,, or Google Draw, upload to The Game Crafter

Make an original, illustrated, quality Choose Your Own Adventure using Twine OR INKLEWRITER (requires account but saves in cloud!)
15+ narrative blocks (100+ words each), 2-3 alternate endings, 8+ relevant (borrowed, sketched, photos) graphics. Images should be hosted on Imgur. Create an account.
DIRECT link >> e.g. https:// ... jpg/png

Bring your own wired headset/earphones and use Bandlab, Beepbox, Chrome Song Maker, or BoscaCeoil to create 6 original 60+ second music tracks (avoiding repetition and randomness) for your upcoming games.
Themes: Intro, boss, win, adventure, pastoral, etc.

Chrome Song Maker Tutorial, Beepbox Tutorial

Piskelapp sheets
Chrome Music.mp4

4. Make an RPG
Using RPG Playground or RPG Boss
[Week 4]

RPG Playground

Create an account and click the email activation

  1. Watch Intro tutorial then build your level using advanced conversations/quests, well designed multiple levels (door/warps), enemy fights, etc.

  2. PLEASE FOLLOW THE CHANNEL to enable more features sooner!

  3. Check Public, Save game, Click new link, copy the share link in the address bar of the new tab and SUBMIT (CREATE) via Schoology

  4. More tutorials can be found HERE.

EXAMPLES: Mr Severson BONUS! : Little Adventure : Massacre : Dungeon Fighter


Installed on your class computer (C:\C11\RPGBoss\ - RIGHT-CLICK FILE and SEND TO DESKTOP SHORTCUT). Similar to the famous RPGMaker software only RPGBoss is FREE and exports easily to both Windows and Mac. One of the easiest game design tools to use and highly addictive!
For an A you must have an original imported title page, different music, multiple maps (indoor, underground, etc), warps and conversations.

Maniac Burners Master Class | Alternate tutorials [Tut1] [Tut2]

Hackable Item Sheet | Piskel Character Template or HERE | Hack/Import Files

Missing rpgboss.exe FILE?

RPG Playground

5. CHOOSE! Make a game using
FUSION, GDevelop or Construct
[Weeks 5, 6, 7]

Choose a template (designer)
tutorial (developer)

FUSION (already installed)

Template (designer)

HERE is the TEMPLATE with Zelda/Platformer/Collector examples. Pick one and delete the other 2.
Replace the graphics and sounds with your own and completely redec
orate adding extra functionality. Template Video ::: More templates [HERE] ::: 100's of examples: NIVRAM's ::: Teacher templates HERE

Tutorial (developer)

Follow these tutorials and make a game using your previously made sprite sheets or music.
Instructor Tutorials:
Series 1 Series 2

GDEVELOP (download for Windows & install)

Template (designer)

Pick a STARTER or EXAMPLE and Switch out the graphics with those from the previous Piskel Sprite Sheet assignment (if you did it) and completely redecorate, also adding your own music from previously (if you did it). Teacher templates HERE
THIS DUDE has some pretty sweet templates!

Tutorial (developer)

Pick a tutorial and start from scratch with an EMPTY GAME
NEED to do fancy DIALOGUE?? (thanks Jack Selby!)


CREATE AN ACCOUNT AND INSTALL AS APP to access exporting and advanced features and so you can use OFFLINE!

Template (designer)

Choose one of the TEMPLATES to make your own by replacing ALL graphics and sound effects! Enlarge the level and rearrange the layout. Teacher templates HERE.

Tutorial (developer)

Choose THIS or THIS platformer tutorial OR THIS Zelda tutorial, but use completely different graphics to prove you just didn't hack the demo game :)

6. CHOOSE! VR, VN or BlockCode
[WEEK 8]

[WEEK 9]


PLAN The Big Quarter PROJECT
with a
Google Site Portfolio
[1 WEEK]

  1. Come up with an original project idea using software from a previous lesson or investigate something NEW from the next section below

  2. Build and update weekly a project portfolio-promotional-blog site in Google Sites (use a private Gmail so you don't lose access after you graduate). DON'T FORGET TO PUBLISH after every weekly update!

  3. PUBLISH & SHARE the link with your teacher ASAP

Need inspiration?


blurb is the word

Additional Project Choices:

You are mostly on your own with these excellent choices but they are all well worth the extra effort!