Game Design 2

Autonomy - Openness - Flexibility - Intrinsic Motivation.

  • This is a unique opportunity for you to practice self-directed learning and create your own custom path of independent study.

  • Experience how great it feels to develop and complete a project of your own design.

  • As an advanced student you will have the privilege of participating in planned play-tests!

  • Teams (balanced and small) will be considered.


At the start of every week now I will check in with you and ask these questions:

  • What are your detailed plans for this week?

  • How can I help you?

At the end of the week (last 10 minutes of class) you will update your blog/portfolio for me to grade

Bottom line... Don't overthink it!

  • Pick 1 of the 4 areas below but realize that your project can be almost anything DIGITAL. Just keep yourself inspired and progressing.

  • Keep me updated on a weekly basis of any progress or changes (words, screenshots, files, etc) using a Google Sites DIGITAL PORTFOLIO adding dated (e.g. 03/01/21) entries to the top of a blog page. Don't forget to hit PUBLISH and send me a direct link.


Sorry, no Minecraft , Roblox , Non-creative streams

Add your mini-game to a themed collection!

JOIN the ONE Button Game JAM!
a yearly event benefiting the Playability Initiative

2D game dev

2D Digital Art

3D Game Dev

Additional Project Choices:

You are mostly on your own with these excellent choices but they are all well worth the extra effort!


  • Kolby A researched and invented an introductory Role Play system and ran sessions in the library

  • Kit S perfected her digital art and is now a professional illustrator

  • Alexa P uses Blender & Unity to sell VRChat avatars

  • DJ explored Piskel and Fire Alpaca and sells prints online

  • Crista F learned code and electronics and is now at MIT

  • Liv H explored Arduino and will be using this in the Air Force

  • Josh H taught himself C++ and now works at Google

  • Casey F learned Python and now works at Amazon


  • Schedule share times

  • Help connect you to content and resources e.g. digital, traditional texts, artifacts, experiences, visits, interviews, dialogue with the teacher, peers, guidance and outlets for critical thinking, brainstorming, physical materials if needed.

  • Facilitate your digital portfolio, blogging, small group discussions, work-shopping, mind tools

  • Offer experiences that aid with motivation and confidence-building